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About ICS

From the beginning, ICS has been driven by innovation while providing an extra degree of customer service in the design and delivery of critical process and safety control system applications. Since our creation in 1997, Innovative Control Solutions has been committed to providing products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations, while adhering to high standards of safety and ethics.

OUR MISSION We are committed to supporting our customers with innovative control solutions that provide superior results. Our goal at Innovative Control Solutions is to make your operation as efficient, productive and safe as possible.

ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH & SAFETY (EHS) at Innovative Control Solutions is paramount in every task of every project that is executed. ICS has been committed to successfully executing projects from the very beginning that have resulted in no lost time incidents, injuries, or harm to any of our employees including our customers, sub-contractors, vendors, along with no damage to equipment. ICS prides itself on maintaining a flawless safety record. ICS maintains a comprehensive written safety program that applies specifically to the type of industries and applications that we are continuously engaged in and is available to all of our customers.

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