power generation

As an industry leader in combustion related applications, Innovative Control Solutions supplies “NFPA-85 compliant” control system solutions for all types of boilers (gas fired, oil fired, single burner or multi-burner units) along with HRSGs, Fired-Heaters, and a wide variety of other industrial process equipment.  As a premier control systems integration firm, ICS has strong application expertise with delivering critical process and safety systems that are widely applied in the Power Utility and Combined Cycle Industries.  ICS also has the expertise and capability of delivering NFPA-85 compliant fuel skids and double block and bleed valve assemblies along with burner front hardware solutions for power generation facilities and industrial combustion related applications.


Utility Power Plants (multi-burner boilers)
Combined Cycle Power Plants
Industrial Boilers
Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU)
Third-party OEM Platforms (HRSG/SCR/Duct Burner BMS)


Combustion Control Systems
Burner Management Systems
Turbine Master Megawatt Front End Control System
Coal Handling Automation Systems
Balance of Plant (BOP) Systems
Sequence of Events and Alarm Systems
Water Treatment & Demineralizer Control Systems
Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Control Systems
Duct Burner BMS Solutions
Secondary Catalyst Reduction (SCR) Control Systems
Fuel Skid Assemblies & Burner Front Hardware Solutions